Father’s Day Cheese Buy

June 20, 2010

Last week we went cheese shopping with little criteria or agenda.  We were open to anything the cheesemonger suggested.  Ben and Jacob selected the cheeses without my input.  The result: we came home with 3 relatively safe cheeses all made from pasteurized cow’s milk.  Matt, our uber critic, challenged the boys to “do better” the next time.

This week, Ben and I went shopping determined to be more adventurous.   As we left home, Jacob warned, “Don’t get anything too tangy.”  We also had Father’s Day to consider and wanted cheeses that Matt would like, so Ben suggested we stick to spreadable or semi-soft cheeses.  We agreed to vary the cheeses by animal and get one each from cow, goat and sheep.

We left the cheese shop with: Fromage d’Affinois, a double-cream cheese from cow’s milk; Humboldt Fog, an aged goat cheese; and, Abbaye de Bel’loc, a monastery cheese made from sheep’s milk.  We will report on our tastings of these cheeses in the coming week.


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