Humboldt Fog: Embrace the Ash

June 22, 2010


Humboldt Fog

Humboldt Fog is an aged goat cheese from the U.S.  This is a chevre-style, semi-soft cheese. It is produced by Cypress Grove Chevre in California.

Humboldt Fog is a beautiful cheese.  Its center is parched white and turns slightly darker towards the rind.  There is a thin layer of greyish-blue vegetable ash that runs horizontally through the cheese and another ash layer that separates the cheese from its rind.

This cheese’s scent was hard to pinpoint.  Both Ben and Jacob said its scent reminded them of aged cow’s milk cheeses, but Humboldt Fog’s scent was comparatively sweeter.

Humboldt Fog has a creamy smooth texture yet it is chalky like a chevre.  The ash on the edge of the cheese is not as smooth as the cheese’s interior, but the ash does not interfere with the cheese’s overall texture.

The ash layers do, however, affect Humboldt Fog’s taste.  Without the ash layer, the cheese tastes like a good chevre–mildly tangy.  When Humboldt Fog is tasted with the ash and rind, the cheese has more sweetness and its tanginess is balanced-out.  Ben said this cheese has, “A great aftertaste.”

Humboldt Fog is a fantastic cheese.  It’s layer of vegetable ash adds beauty, flavor and texture to an otherwise good chevre and makes this an outstanding cheese to share with family and friends.


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