Abbaye de Belloc: Smooth & Uncomplicated

June 25, 2010


Abbaye de Bel'loc

Abbaye de Bel’loc is a semi-hard cheese from the Pyrenees region of France.  This cheese is made from pasteurized sheep’s milk by Benedictine monks at the abbey of Notre Dame de Bel’loc.

Abbaye de Bel’loc is a pale, pale yellow through its interior and darkens towards its rind. A thin slice held up to the light appears translucent. Abbaye de Bel’loc’s inedible rind is dimpled with dark brown, white and black.

On a soft-to-hard spectrum of cheeses, this cheese is firmer than a semi-soft cheese yet is not as hard as an aged cheese.  Its surface is firm, smooth and unmarred by dimples or holes.  It slices beautifully with a sharp knife.

Abbaye de Bel’loc has tangy odor that is detectable within 4 inches of the nose, yet it is not off-putting.  Jacob likened its scent to parmesan cheese.

The flavor of Abbaye de Bel’loc is somewhat tangy, but not nearly as tangy as an aged cheese.  Jacob said that it tasted like freshly grated parmesan, but I thought it more mild than that.  The cheese’s lingering aftertaste is slightly stronger than its initial flavors, but not unpleasant or cloying.  Abbaye de Bel’loc’s aftertaste serves as a gentle reminder to take another slice!

We all liked this cheese, but neither of the boys liked it enough to insist that I purchase it again.

Abbaye de Bel’loc is a smooth and uncomplicated cheese that is easy to like.  I think this would be a great cheese to linger over with family and friends or to put on a party plate.


2 Responses to “Abbaye de Belloc: Smooth & Uncomplicated”

  1. Matthew Lefkowitz Says:

    Let’s get something really stinky next week!

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