Carmody: A Kid Pleaser

June 28, 2010



Carmody is a semi-soft cheese made from pasteurized cow’s milk by Bellwether Farms in Sonoma County (California). This cheese is a youngster–aged for just 6 weeks.

Carmody has a light yellow interior that darkens towards a hard lemon yellow rind. The surface of Carmody is irregularly  pocked and cratered.

Carmody’s texture has a lot of character.  It seems that during the making of Carmody, the cheese curds were pressed together just enough to create a unified substance, but not so much that they removed the space between individual curds.  It slices easily, but sometimes fragments because of its “airy” texture.  Carmody’s texture is close to Havarti.

The cheese’s scent is not powerful and is reminiscent of Jack cheese.  Its rind has a faint hint of blue cheese odor beneath the wax, but this is not detected elsewhere on the cheese.

Carmody is soft and smooth on the tongue.  It has a taste similar to a good farmhouse Jack cheese.   Ben described Carmody as, “Slightly tangy, but very sweet and easily downed.”  Both Ben and Jacob liked this cheese a lot and suggested that I buy it again.

Carmody is a mild, undemanding cheese that is easy to enjoy.  Carmody would be a nice farmhouse substitute for Jack cheese.  I bet Carmody would be great melted or would make a fantastic grilled-cheese sandwich.  With its mild flavor and smooth texture, Carmody is comfort food–a definite pleaser for kids of any age.


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