Fiscalini Bandage Cheddar: A Cheese of Substance

July 2, 2010

Bandage Cheddar

Bandage-wrapped Cheddar

Bandage Cheddar is a raw cow’s milk cheese, made by Fiscalini Farms in San Joaquin County, California. This cheese is “bandaged” in cheesecloth during its aging period of 16-36 months.

Bandage Cheddar is pale blonde in color.  It has small holes throughout, creating ridges in its surface texture. This cheese has a dense, solid feel.  (Note: We received an unusual sample with just the cheese’s interior and no rind.  Our photo does not reflect the cheese’s shelf appearance).

The scent of Bandage Cheddar is much like other aged cheddars–tangy and very sharp when held close to the nose.  Bandage Cheddar’s scent gives true hint of its expected flavors.

Bandage Cheddar has a sharp flavor, much like other good aged cheddars.  Its flavor begins tangy and sharp and leaves an even tangier aftertaste.  Jacob thought its tanginess was close to Aged Gouda, yet noted that it was a lot sharper.  The sharpness was not biting or acidic and lingers briefly on the tongue. A thin slice of Bandage Cheddar yields many enjoyable flavors.

We all liked this cheese, yet it did not make our repurchase list.  Ben suggested that this cheese would do better with a more substantial bed than french baguette.  He’s right!  The airy baguette was too wimpy for Bandage Cheddar.  This cheese deserves a hearty pain au levain-style bread to support its complex flavors.  Bandage Cheddar would make a good fall cheese with pears or apples, and I bet it would be delicious melted on anything.


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