Ticklemore: One Gentle Goat

July 20, 2010

Ticklemore is a soft goat cheese from England.  This cheese is made from pasteurized goat’s milk and is aged for 2-5 months.  The whole cheese looks like two over-sized muffin wrappers joined together at their mouths.


Our sample of Ticklemore was a small, triangular wedge that had difficulty standing upright because of the deep groves in its rind. (Note: Our photo shows the flat bottom of the cheese; its pie-like top is on the bottom).  The edible rind has ridges with tints of brown, white and beige. The interior of Ticklemore is milky white and appears very creamy near the rind, with a denser mass at its center.

Ticklemore has a slightly tangy or sour aroma. To the touch, its interior is sticky and squishy, yet its rind forms a solid crust.

Ticklemore is very creamy–almost like a double or triple cream cow’s milk cheese–and it delivers great mouth feel.  Jacob noted that its texture is similar to Fromage d’Affinois or Mt. Tam.  Ticklemore’s flavor is subtle, with both sweet and salt flavors present.  The rind adds a bit of tanginess to the cheese, but it is not strong.  There is no remarkable after-taste from this cheese.

Ticklemore is an excellent cheese and could easily become a house favorite.  Its subtle flavors coupled with its silky texture make this a thoroughly enjoyable cheese.  This is a very gentle goat cheese, that is unlike any of the other goat cheeses we’ve tried thus far. We could find no flaws with Ticklemore and  I would not hesitate to purchase this cheese again.  This is a cheese that would be great to share with family and friends at home, but not good for a lengthy summer picnic because it gets sticky when out of refrigeration.


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