Piedmont: Comfort Food

July 22, 2010

Piedmont is a firm sheep’s milk cheese from Northern Virginia.  It is made by Everona Dairy from raw milk and is aged for 2-6 months.


Piedmont’s interior is the color of dry pasta.  The interior darkens slightly towards the rind and has many small holes.  The rind is a yellow-brown that also shows flecks of white and gray-green.  The rind has a grid pattern imbedded into its surface, almost as if the cheese had been wrapped in a window screen.

Piedmont is firm to the touch and has an oily surface.  It slices easily with a butter knife, however its texture is grainy.

Piedmont’s aroma is inviting.  It is rich in butter and smells similar to macaroni and cheese.  The rind smells faintly of mold when held directly to the nose.

Piedmont has a mild flavor that is similar to Abbaye de Bel’loc of the Pyrenees.  We thought it resembled a lighter flavored Abbaye de Bel’loc.  The cheese is salty and somewhat nutty, but its flavors are rather gentle. Piedmont has a mild nutty after-taste, yet does not linger long on the tongue like Abbaye de Bel’loc.

Piedmont is like comfort food–simple and rewarding.  Piedmont’s gentle flavors offer a great deal of serving versatility: this cheese would be great for simple snacking, picnics, or sharing space on a party plate.


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