Baserri: A Satisfying Cheese from Marin

July 27, 2010

Baserri is a firm sheep’s milk cheese made by Barinaga Ranch in Marin County, California. Barinaga Ranch began selling this seasonal hand-made cheese in 2009 (In 2010, Baserri will be available July-December).  It is aged for 60 days.

baserri-cheese-by-cheesechatter-january-2011Baserri looks like a tattered old book–with a worn speckled exterior and inviting interior.  Its gray-brown rind is rough, weathered, lined and dimpled.  The rind has small punctures and shows flecks of green, orange, yellow and white. The interior is pale blonde and darkens to a milky brown color at the rind. The interior surface has tiny irregular shaped holes and is firm to the touch.

Baserri’s aroma is very faint and is fresh, milky and slightly nutty.  The rind has a moldy odor (most likely due to surface molds).

Baserri is a well-balanced cheese.  Its flavor is mildly salty, with some light tanginess and nutty flavors at the finish. Its flavors are pleasant and are not overwhelming.  It lingers a bit on the tongue, as a gentle reminder of a pleasant experience.  This cheese is not rich, but it does have a creamy and almost crumbly texture in the mouth that is pleasing.

Baserri is a tasty, straight-forward cheese that does not try to overwhelm the senses.  This is a cheese that one could pair with a green salad, fresh fruit, and french bread for a satisfying summer meal.  Or, it would be great on a day hike, sliced between some bread.  We all liked this cheese and are now curious to try Barinaga Ranch’s other Basque-style cheese.


One Response to “Baserri: A Satisfying Cheese from Marin”

  1. Last week, we re-purchased Baserri. It tasted so wonderful at the cheese counter, that I could not resist. Compared to our July 2010 tasting, the January 2011 Baserri had deeper and richer flavor and its texture was more creamy and less crumbly. It was delicious and addictive. Our January purchase re-inforced my view that this is a top-notch, easy to enjoy cheese.

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