Tumalo Tomme: A Goat Cheese of the Mountains

July 29, 2010

Tumalo Tomme

Tumalo Tomme is a surprising goat cheese–surprising because when I think of goat cheese, chevre-style cheeses come first to mind.  Tumalo Tomme is completely different and a long way from chalky chevre in flavor, texture and appearance.  It is a satisfying and tasty cheese.

Tumalo Tomme is a firm, mountain-style cheese produced by Juniper Grove in Oregon.  It is a farmstead cheese made from raw goat’s milk.  It has a creamy white interior, the color of raw russet potatoes.  The rugged, buff-colored rind has deep creases in its surface and is sprinkled with gray, green, beige and orange spots.

The aroma of Tumalo Tomme is slightly nutty, milky and a bit like dry grass.  To the touch, its interior is smooth, firm and slightly oily.  The flavor is lightly nutty and salty.  Its texture is smooth and creamy on the tongue.

We tasted Tumalo Tomme next to Baserri and it was hard not to compare the two.  Both cheeses share a directness in flavor that makes them easy to enjoy, yet neither cheese has an overwhelmingly strong flavor.  Neither cheese is splashy, yet both are well-balanced and satisfying.

Tumalo Tomme is a good example of what is available beyond chevre-style goat cheeses.  This is another nice cheese for a casual picnic or to share with friends.  I am now eager to explore if other goat cheeses are available in similar vein.


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