Grayson: A Delicious Savory Cheese

August 18, 2010

Grayson is a delicious cheese full of umami flavor.  Grayson is a soft cow’s milk cheese with a washed rind that emulates Taleggio.  Based on our tastings, we would be more likely to select Grayson over Taleggio at the cheese counter.

We sought out Grayson because of a recent misfire with Taleggio.  We were disappointed with one Taleggio sample and wanted to try a raw milk version of this cheese.  (Raw milk versions from Italy face import restrictions).  Fortunately, Meadow Creek Dairy of Virginia fills the void with Grayson.


Grayson is a beautiful cheese that looks like summer.  The rind is a soft, cantaloupe color with a hatched pattern on its surface.  Grayson’s rind is dusted with white surface molds.  The interior of the cheese is a very deep, creamy yellow like lemon curd.

Grayson has a large, pungent aroma similar to body odor or bad breath. Its texture is squishy and wet to the touch.

Grayson’s flavor profile is similar to Taleggio, but its flavors are softer.  Grayson is a more nuanced cheese: its flavor is not overly salty, it has a delicately sweet finish, and overall Grayson is more mild than Taleggio.  In the mouth, Grayson is thick and creamy–almost buttery smooth.

Grayson is an extremely yummy cheese.  We all liked this cheese a lot and kept taking “just a little bit more” until we finished all that we purchased.  I would hunt down this cheese again for anyone who likes rich, stinky, and flavorful cheeses.  This is another cheese that begs to be shared with family and friends (as long as they don’t mind the odor).

One note on availability: Grayson is a farmstead cheese that is produced seasonally; it may be available only summer-fall.  Our purchase source was Cowgirl Creamery (San Francisco).


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