Tome d’Aquitaine: A Luscious, Memorable Cheese

August 18, 2010

Tome d’Aquitaine is a delicious cheese that is hard to forget.  It has an inviting aroma, distinctive flavor and a luxurious production process that all create a lasting impression.  This cheese was recommended to us by a cheesemonger at Cowgirl Creamery (San Francisco, CA), and for once, we appreciated the cheesemonger’s rave.

Tome d’Aquitaine (a.k.a. Clisson) is a semi-soft goat’s milk cheese from southern France.  It has a washed rind, a treatment seen more often with cow’s milk cheeses (e.g., Red Hawk, Taleggio).  During production, the cheese rounds are brined in a mixture that includes Muscadet.  Then while aging, Tome d’Aquitaine’s rind is hand rubbed with Sauternes, a sweet dessert wine.

Tome d'Aquitaine

The rough, orange rind has a sweet nutty aroma. The cheese’s interior smells milky and faintly floral. The interior looks like vanilla ice cream, very pale and creamy.  To the touch, Tome d’Aquitaine is squishy, with a smooth and greasy surface.

Tome d’Aquitaine has a nice, tangy flavor that is similar to roasted nuts.  The cheese paste closer to the rind tastes distinctly like roasted peanuts and is sweet.  This cheese leaves a soft nutty after-taste that lingers long on the tongue.  Tome d’Aquitaine has a creamy, melt-on-the-tongue texture in the mouth.

We all liked this cheese.  Tome d’Aquitaine is a delicious cheese and deserves to be shared with family or friends.  This is another goat cheese that will surprise anyone who has not gone beyond the limited range of chevre-style goat cheeses.


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