Fougerus: A Lovely Everyday Cheese

August 24, 2010

Photographs of Fougerus in books show a flat white round of cheese with a fern frond draped delicately across its top.  If my kids had seen that greenery, Fougerus would have never made it to a tasting. Yet Fougerus is a fantastic cheese that is destined for regular purchase.


Fougerus is a soft, cow’s milk cheese from the Ile-de-France region in France.  This cheese has a flat round format with a white rind, similar in appearance to Brie.  The interior of the cheese is a soft pale yellow paste with many irregular shaped holes.

The cheese’s rind smells faintly peppery, while the interior smells more like grain.

Fougerus seems like a simple cheese, but it has a more complex flavor profile.  It has a mild sour milk flavor, yet is also sweet, fruity and salty. The edible rind does not significantly alter the cheese’s flavor.  Fougerus’ consistency is thick and creamy in the mouth, more like cake icing.

Fougerus is an easy cheese to enjoy.  It is unassuming, has an array of flavors and has luscious mouth feel. Our tasters compared Fougerus to a long-time favorite, Mt. Tam.  Fougerus would be a good cheese for sharing with family and friends (Our photo was snapped when the cheese was out of refrigeration for 45-60 minutes, so there was not much collapse).  This lovely cheese would also make a good everyday cheese.

Note on purchasing: if kids in tow that balk at the faintest dusting of parsley, make sure the Fougerus is free of its decorative fern frond.  Our sample was purchased at Cowgirl Creamery (San Francisco).


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