Old Kentucky Tomme: A Tall Beauty

August 25, 2010

Old Kentucky Tomme is one reason to celebrate raw milk cheese from the USA.  It is a farmstead cheese, made by hand from raw goat’s milk by Capriole Dairy (Indiana).  This is a lovely cheese that should not be missed.

Old Kentucky Tomme

Old Kentucky Tomme is a statuesque cheese that commands attention on a plate.  It stands tall and quiet, and doesn’t slouch when out of refrigeration.  Old Kentucky Tomme’s interior paste is creamy white like mashed potatoes.  Its natural rind looks like crinkled paper.

The cheese’s interior smells like butter, while some mold and mushroom odors are detectable on the rind. To the touch, the interior feels like smooth clay while the rind is dry, hard and rough.

Old Kentucky Tomme has multiple flavors.  The cheese’s interior tastes tangy and salty at first, but then ends with a sour citrus flavor similar to grapefruit.  If the rind is consumed with some of the cheese paste, the surface molds add another dimension to the cheese.  Old Kentucky Tomme’s sour grapefruit flavor lingers long in the mouth.

Old Kentucky Tomme is melt-on-the-tongue, velvety smooth.  Its texture is very creamy and provides nice mouth feel. The rind is a bit chewier than the cheese’s interior, but if the cheese is sliced thinly, the rind adds flavor (good, I think) to the cheese.

Old Kentucky Tomme is a fantastic goat cheese.  It packs a lot of flavor and variety into each sliver.  We all liked this cheese (my kids did not eat the rind and if they had, their opinion may have changed).  Old Kentucky Tomme is a great cheese to share with friends and would make a beauty for a party plate.  This cheese is destined for a repeat purchase.

Notes on purchasing: Our purchase source was Cowgirl Creamery (San Francisco).


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