Formagella: A Calm and Friendly Cheese

September 1, 2010

We have been hunting for another cheese by Nicasio Valley Cheese Company since our Black Mountain tasting weeks ago.  Finally, we found Formagella.

Formagella is a cheese that does not overwhelm or knock one’s socks off.  Rather, it is a calm and easy-going cheese that has pleasantly mild flavors and is easily enjoyed.


Formagella is a soft, bloomy rind cheese made from cow’s milk.  It is a small dome-shaped cheese that is purchased whole.  Its snowy white rind is rough and dry, and smells faintly like mineral water. Formagella’s interior paste looks like vanilla pudding;  it is sticky to the touch and has a light grassy aroma.

Formagella has very mild flavors.  It has a delicate, sour flavor with some tangy flavors at the end.  Formagella has a creamy texture like Brie that is soft and smooth in the mouth.

During our tasting, Ben aptly described Formagella as a “calm cheese.”  This cheese doesn’t make a big statement with its appearance or its flavors, and will sit quietly on a cheese plate.  Some might find this cheese boring, yet we found Formagella’s mild manners very satisfying.

Formagella is a nice cheese that we would buy again.  Jacob compared this cheese favorably to his long-standing favorite, Mt. Tam.  This cheese has kid-friendly flavors and texture, without any off-putting aromas. Formagella is a good cheese for entertaining, as it holds its shape out of refrigeration for a long period without weeping or slouching.

Notes on purchasing:  We purchased a whole cheese and served it over 2 nights.  The cheese did not suffer any degradation after it was initially cut.  Our purchase source was Rainbow Grocery (San Francisco).


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