Iberico: A Solid Everyday Cheese

September 20, 2010

Iberico is an easy eater that practically screams everyday cheese.  This popular Spanish cheese is the second mixed-milk cheese we have tasted.  Iberico is not a splashy cheese, yet its nutty flavor and chewy texture make it an appealing go-to cheese for many occasions.


Iberico is a firm cheese made from a combination of raw cow, goat and sheep milks.  The rind of Iberico is black, hard and patterned with herringbone.  The interior paste is a pale creamy yellow with tiny irregular holes.  The cheese has fresh aromas of meadow grass and butter.

Iberico has a mild nutty  flavor.  It also has the buttery richness found in sheep’s milk cheeses.  It does not have a strong finish, but its nutty flavor lingers long in the mouth.  Iberico has a chewy texture.

We all liked this cheese.  I purchased a large chunk for our tasting and we ate all but a tiny sliver.  Iberico does not overwhelm the senses, nor is it the kind of cheese that creates long memories.  Yet its flavor and texture make it a versatile cheese.  Iberico would make a nice cheese for everyday, a picnic, day-hikes, kid’s meals, and casual entertaining.  This cheese can sit out of refrigeration without degradation for a long time.

Notes on purchasing:  Our purchase source was Country Cheese Co. (San Francisco).


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