Serenita: A Casual Table Cheese

October 1, 2010

Serenita is an easy muncher.  It is a tasty table cheese that is as comforting as a plate of pasta.


Serenita is a firm cow’s milk cheese.  It is farmstead produced with raw milk by Three Sisters Farmstead Cheese Co. (Tulare County, CA).

Serenita has a hard natural rind that shows an impression from the cloth wrap used during its production.  The rind is golden yellow, blotched with tan, white and orange.  The interior paste is buttery yellow and looks dense and solid.

Serenita’s aroma is similar to Parmesan Reggiano but with additional sweet floral scents.

Serenita’s flavor profile is well-balanced.   It has nutty, sweet and tangy flavors, yet none is overwhelming or dominant.  Serenita’s tangy flavor lingers gently in the mouth.  This cheese has a chewy texture.

At our tasting, we had mixed reactions to Serenita.  One adult taster called Serenita dull; the others in our group liked this cheese.  Two of our tasters don’t generally like hard cheeses; they both classified Serenita as a hard cheese, and consequently one not to re-purchase.

Yet, Serenita is not a hard cheese.  It flavor is not as robust as a hard cheese.  It also has a less dry and creamier texture than a hard cheese.  Serenita is tasty and makes a good cheese for a casual meal or light snacking.  Serenita is comfort food on a plate.

Purchase notes:  We purchased our Serenita pre-wrapped at Whole Foods (San Francisco).


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