Fromage de Meaux: An Entry-Level Brie

October 7, 2010

Fromage de Meaux is a good introduction to French-style brie.  It has a gooey texture, is creamy on the tongue and has a light mushroom flavor.  Fromage de Meaux is a relatively tame brie and is very easy to eat.

Fromage de Meaux is made in France from pasteurized cow’s milk.  This is a sister to Brie de Meaux, which is made with raw milk and not imported to the US.  Fromage de Meaux is a bloomy rind cheese produced in a large flat disc format.

Fromage de Meaux

The cheese has a grooved rind that is rough and dry to the touch.  The interior paste looks milky and is sticky to the touch.  Fromage de Meaux’s paste looks like vanilla pudding.

Fromage de Meaux smells of mushrooms.  It has a light nose-tingling (not unpleasant) ammonia scent that I associate with brie.

Part of Fromage de Meaux’s appeal is its gooey, rich texture that coats the tongue with flavor.  Fromage de Meaux has a salty flavor, with some bitter fruity and sour milk flavors.  Fromage de Meaux leaves a light sour after-taste.

The rind has a distinct mushroom flavor and adds balance to the cheese’s flavor.   However, the rind’s texture is dry and grainy on the tongue–a sharp contrast to the gooey smoothness of the paste.

We all liked Fromage de Meaux.   This brie-style cheese does not have as strong flavors as the previously tasted Brie le Chatelain (which both kids rejected), and makes for a better introductory brie.  Fromage de Meaux does not evoke memories of classic French brie, however it is a solid, tasty cheese that I would purchase again.

Purchase Notes:  Our purchase source was Cowgirl Creamery (San Francisco).


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