Appalachian: A Perfect Cheese on its Own

October 8, 2010

Appalachian is a delicious, well-balanced cheese that is ideal for a cool weather snack.   This is cheese is easy to eat and is perfect on its own without any other accompaniment.

Appalachian is a farmstead cheese made from raw cow’s milk by Meadow Creek Dairy, Virginia (same folks who produce Grayson).  It is a firm cheese, similar to an alpine tomme-style cheese, but is considered an American original.  Meadow Creek Dairy began producing Appalachian 12 years ago and has won numerous award with this cheese.


Appalachian has a natural tan rind that is dry, smooth and flecked with white surface molds.  The interior paste is banana yellow with irregular and infrequent holes.  To the touch, the paste is slightly greasy, like cold butter.
Like good alpine cheeses, Appalachian smells like high meadows.  The interior paste smells like sweet grass and berries.  The rind has scents of minerals and earth.

Appalachian is a very well-balanced cheese.  Initally, it has a nutty flavor, but this is quickly countered with a sweet fruit flavor.  Appalachian is not overly salty, tangy, or bitter and there is very little after-taste.  On the tongue, Appalachian is buttery smooth and a bit chewy.

Appalachian is a delicious cheese and I really liked it a lot.  It would make a great afternoon snack or dinner table cheese.  Appalachian is such a well-balanced cheese that it would pair well with other cheeses on a communal plate.  Meadow Creek Dairy says it is also a good melting cheese.  The other tasters in our group were not as wild about this cheese as I was, yet they still liked Appalachian.

Purchasing Notes:  We purchased Appalachian from Cowgirl Creamery (San Francisco).  Meadow Creek Dairy produces cheeses seasonally (they say their last milking day is Christmas), so Appalachian may not be available year-round.


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