Blu del Monviso: A Blue Cheese with Grit

October 20, 2010

We took a plunge with Blu del Monviso, hoping that its creamy texture would convert our kids to blue cheese eaters. (It seemed wrong to continue rejecting the blue cheeses offered by eager cheesemongers). Although Blu del Monviso did not win over our kids, this delicious blue cheese is destined for re-purchase.

Blu del Monviso is a bloomy rind cow’s milk cheese from the Piedmont area of northwestern Italy. On a spectrum of blue cheeses, Blu del Monviso’s creamy style is closer to Gorgonzola than it is to Roquefort. Blu del Monviso is produced in thick logs; our sample is just one-half of a cross-section slice of the log.

Blu del Monviso

Blu del Monviso has a milky white paste speckled with green. The paste is soft, creamy and sticky like a double cream cheese. Its exterior rind has a bumpy surface that is tacky to the touch.

Blu del Monviso has the aroma of bread crust or wheat crackers. The rind has a faint scent of mushrooms and ammonia.

In the mouth, the cheese is smooth and creamy. The blue specks have a gritty texture that provide contrast to the creamy paste. The blue flavor does not dominate Blu del Monviso; rather, it shares space with sour fruit and sweet cream flavors. Blu del Monviso’s flavors are layered and enticing. It leaves a mild sour after-taste.

Although our juvenile tasters rejected Blu del Monviso, I would purchase this again for a picnic, a party, or to follow dinner. This is a cheese that one wants to linger over and share with friends. Blu del Monviso would work better with a flavorful wheat bread or cracker than classic baguette.

Purchase Notes: We purchased our sample at 24th Street Cheese Co. (San Francisco).


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