Foggy Morning: A Light Breakfast Cheese

November 4, 2010

Foggy Morning is is like San Francisco fog: soft, light and barely there.  Its lightness is well-suited to accompany summer meals and breakfast. This cheese got us talking about foods that would taste better with a bit of Foggy Morning.

Foggy Morning is a fresh pasteurized cow’s milk cheese.  It is farmstead produced by Nicasio Valley Cheese Co. in Marin County (California).  It is  produced in a small cylinder format. (Our photo shows half of a whole cheese).
Foggy Morning

Foggy Morning is marshmallow white.  Its exterior surface showed some specks of bright pink surface molds.  To the touch, the cheese is damp and spongy.  Its aroma is fresh and milky.

Foggy Morning is very mild.  It has a light sour flavor that is similar to cottage cheese.  It does not have much depth or variation in its flavor.  Its texture is light and soft.

We liked Foggy Morning’s light flavor and soft texture.  My kids really liked its mildness (one noted that it would be good for babies).  We ate it with classic baguette but thought it would do better mixed with fruit, vegetables, or herbs. This is not a cheese that would be good paired with other cheeses, as its mildness is likely to get over-shadowed by the others.

Purchase Notes:  We found Foggy Morning at Mollie Stone’s (San Francisco); we purchased a whole cheese.  It’s small size can be divided into 8 servings.


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