Coach Farm Triple Cream: Goat Cheese from a Garden

November 6, 2010

UPDATE:  This post of Coach Farm’s Triple Cream was updated in December 2010.  We re-tasted this cheese (thanks to the generosity of Coach Farm) and posted comments that more accurately reflect the cheese here.

On our first try in November, we tasted a cheese that had passed its peak and was on decline.  Consequently, we had mixed reactions to Coach Farm Triple Cream. The paste on its own was appealing, but when eaten with the rind, we found it hard to enjoy.

Purchase Notes: We purchased Coach Farm’s Triple Cream at Mollie Stone’s (San Francisco).  The cheese was pre-wrapped and it was impossible to tell the condition of the cheese through its wrapping.  The cheese was relatively expensive.  Next time, we will find a more attentive seller or purchase direct from Coach Farm.


2 Responses to “Coach Farm Triple Cream: Goat Cheese from a Garden”

  1. Tara Says:

    Hey Cheesechatter,
    Tara from Coach Farm here. We saw your post on our triple cream (thank you!) and are sad to say you purchased an old Triple Cream mini from Mollie Stone. We are going to work on fixing that, but in the meantime we would love to send you a perfectly ripe triple cream mini so you know what it should taste like. If you are up for it, please email me at the provided email address.
    Thanks again for the blog shot out – Tara

    • Thanks for contacting us, Tara, and letting us know that we purchased your cheese when it was less than optimal. We don’t usually purchase cheese at grocery markets, because we like to sample our selections in advance with a knowledgeable person; I figured at the grocery store I would be safe purchasing a whole, uncut cheese that had not been tampered with by the store. Guess that approach didn’t work! We look forward to trying your cheese again and will re-post our comments.

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