Bo Peep: A Local Cheese Discovery

November 10, 2010

Eureka!  We just discovered Bo Peep cheese, a local gem made in Sonoma County.  We like finding cheeses made in Northern California, yet were unaware of Bohemian Creamery’s cheeses.  Bo Peep is our first cheese from this producer and we were not disappointed.  Bo Peep is an accessible and addictive cheese.  It won a household of fans and put Bohemian Creamery on our radar for future purchases.

Bo Peep is a soft-to-semi-soft cheese made from a combination of cow’s and sheep’s milk. It is hand-crafted by Bohemian Creamery in Sonoma County, California. Bo Peep is aged for 2 months before market. It is produced in a small flat disc format, about the same size as Camembert.

Bo PeepBo Peep looks rustic and musty. It has a rigid brown rind that is covered with gray and white surface molds. To the touch, the rind feels dry and powdery. The interior paste is pale yellow like the inside of a banana. The paste does not have any holes or fissures;  it is somewhat gooey and slightly tacky to the touch.

Bo Peep’s rind smells slightly musty, yet the cheese’s more dominant scent of melted butter comes from its paste.

Bo Peep has a sour citrus flavor, followed by tangy and nutty flavors.  It leaves a sour lemon and light nutty after-taste on the tongue.  Bo Peep’s paste has a velvety texture that coats the tongue. The natural rind can be eaten; it adds a contrasting chewy texture and some tasty mold flavors to the cheese (we opted not to eat the rind).

We all liked Bo Peep.  I would purchase this cheese again without hesitation, and would enjoy introducing Bo Peep to friends, family and visitors. Although our sample became a bit gooey out of refrigeration, the rigid rind keeps the cheese paste contained.  Bo Peep would be a good cheese for eating anytime.  It would also mix well with other cheeses on a party plate.

Purchase Notes: We purchased Bo Peep from Cheese Plus (San Francisco).


3 Responses to “Bo Peep: A Local Cheese Discovery”

  1. […] fall in love with Bodacious, especially after our recent experience with Bohemian Creamery’s Bo Peep.  Alas, our experience with Bodacious was not as smooth, and I suspect that we took home a cheese […]

  2. erinamelia Says:

    Just found your blog, so I’m going through some back entries… thought you might want to know that there is a new cheese shop in Oakland, The Sacred Wheel, that specializes in local cheese. There’s some really good stuff in our backyard!

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