Wabash Cannonball: A Classic Goat Cheese from Indiana

November 22, 2010

Wabash Cannonball is the first US-made goat cheese we have tried that is comparable to classic French chevre.  Over the past month, we have enjoyed some phenomenal goat cheeses from the Loire Valley region of France.  Wabash Cannonball is a delicious chevre-style cheese that comes awfully close to those classics.

Wabash Cannonball is a soft-to-semi-soft cheese made from pasteurized goat’s milk.  It is farmstead produced by Capriole Farmstead Goat Cheeses in Indiana.  The surface of the cheese is dusted with vegetable ash to promote ripening.

Wabash Cannonball looks like a cannonball dusted with snow.  The ball-shaped cheese has a blue-green ash  rind just beneath its soft white surface.  The ash coating creates a thin, wrinkled skin around the interior paste of the cheese.  The snow white interior paste is dense, yet soft and yielding.

The exterior of the cheese smells like animals and barns; we could not detect any scent from the paste.

Wabash Cannonball is a tart cheese.  The paste has a bright lemony flavor. The ash rind adds a sour and bitter flavor to the cheese that is similar to grapefruit.  In the mouth, Wabash Cannonball has a soft and creamy texture.

In terms of flavor and texture, Wabash Cannonball stack’s up well against Loire Valley goat cheeses.  For me, Wabash Cannonball’s only detraction is its bitter rind, however one can eat around this.  Overall, we thought this a delicious cheese and one for re-purchase.

Purchase Notes:  We purchased Wabash Cannonball at Cowgirl Creamery (San Francisco).  Cowgirl Creamery had whole and half cheeses available.  A whole cheese is small (3-oz.) and can be cut into 4 servings.  We ate the entire cheese during our tasting.


3 Responses to “Wabash Cannonball: A Classic Goat Cheese from Indiana”

  1. […] Wabash Cannonball by Capriole Dairy (Indiana) […]

  2. Uwe Says:

    I couldn’t agree more.

    You will also find the Wabash Cannonball at Cheese Plus on Polk St.

    I lately bought a St. Maure at Paradise Market in Corte Madera and was very disappointed. Are there many different St. Maure’s out? The one I bought was dry and hard and hard very blck ashes but now straw (Made in France).

    Any comments on the Bohemian goat cheese from Sebastopol?

  3. Hi Uwe:

    We had good success with the St. Maure from Cheese Plus; since you are already a Cheese Plus shopper, try them. Cheeseboard in Berkeley is another good source.

    As for Bohemian Creamery cheeses, we have only tried two: Bo Peep and Bodacious, both of which we’ve posted our reviews. We really liked Bo Peep (a cow’s and sheep’s milk combo), but Bodacious wasn’t as successful for us: I think our sample was a little too far along when we reviewed the cheese. I would give their cheeses a try and see what you think.

    Capriole Farmstead and Vermont Butter & Cream are two US producers with top notch goat cheeses that rival those of France (in my view).

    Happy Eating!


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