Constant Bliss: A Dream Cheese

November 24, 2010

Constant Bliss is a dream cheese: it is rich, buttery, and smells of the earth.  Constant Bliss also has a visually intriguing interior and behaves well out of refrigeration.  At our table, Constant Bliss appealed to kids and adults alike.  What more could we ask for of a cheese?

Constant Bliss is a semi-soft cheese produced by Jasper Hill Farm in Vermont.  It is made from pasteurized cow’s milk and has a mold-ripened rind.  The cheese is matured in cellars at Jasper Hill Farm.

This cheese’s name created quite a chuckle at our table.  Living in San Francisco, “alternative relief” (a.k.a. medicinal marijuana) shops are more common than cheese shops; my husband commented that Constant Bliss sounded more like a relief product than a cheese.  However, the cheese is named after the Vermont settler, Constant Bliss, who was killed by American natives during the Revolutionary War.

The cheese is a small stacked cylinder with a white bloomy rind.  Constant Bliss’s rind feels dry and felty.  The rind smells like a mushroom farm, with distinct aromas of mushrooms and damp earth.  Constant Bliss has a translucent band of paste beneath the rind’s surface, and a denser, cake-like paste at the core.

Constant Bliss’s flavor is rich, sweet and buttery.  The cheese has a milky tanginess and a pleasant buttery flavor.  At the finish, there is a sweet Oro Blanco grapefruit flavor.

I expected Constant Bliss’s translucent paste to become soft and runny when out of refrigeration, but it remained semi-soft.  The denser paste at the cheese’s core is surprisingly light.  In the mouth, the cheese is creamy and slightly dry.  The rind adds a chewy texture to an otherwise pliable cheese.

Constant Bliss was a big hit at our table.  This cheese has all of the rich buttery sweetness of a triple cream cheese, yet offers different textures.  Constant Bliss would be a great cheese for a picnic or party, as it retains its shape well out of refrigeration.

Purchase Notes:  We purchased Constant Bliss at Cowgirl Creamery (San Francisco).  A 5-oz. whole cheese can serve 6.


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