Coach Farm Triple Cream: Creamy Goat Goodness

December 5, 2010

Coach Farm Triple Cream is a lovely cheese that marries a pleasant goat cheese flavor with a luxurious texture.  This cheese was an instant hit at our house.

But, it took some effort from Coach Farm to get us there.  A few weeks back, we tried their Triple Cream cheese and posted our evaluation.  Some folks at Coach Farm read our review, recognized that the cheese had gone south, and offered to send us a new cheese so that we could taste it at its optimum.

Our first evaluation of Coach Farm Triple Cream reminds me that evaluating cheeses is akin to judging pedigree dogs: how does one know how good a cheese or dog is if one doesn’t know its standard?  As cheese-tasting novices, we know what we like but we don’t pretend to know how a cheese ought to taste.  Cheeses have many flavors and scents, and for the average eater it is difficult to determine which are intended by the cheese’s producer and which are the byproduct of its handling.

Our second chance with Coach Farm’s Triple Cream was much appreciated: we tasted a completely different cheese.

Coach Farm’s Triple Cream is farmstead produced in the Hudson Valley area of New York. It is a hand-crafted, pasteurized goat’s milk cheese. It is aged for 4-5 weeks before market.

The small dome-shaped cheese has a pure white rind.   The rind’s surface shows wrinkles from its wrapper, but feels velvety smooth.   The interior paste is creamy white.  There is a thick band of translucent paste beneath the rind, with a  more chalky interior core.

Coach Farm Triple Cream has lovely flavor.  It is tangy and tart like a good chevre.  Yet, we also tasted some sweetness in the translucent paste closer to the rind.  The cheese’s texture is thick, smooth and very creamy.  This cheese has excellent mouth feel.

Coach Farm Triple Cream was a big hit.  My kids are both partial to lush triple cream cheeses so this was an easy sell, but this one also offers the pleasant tanginess of a good goat cheese.  This cheese’s easy appeal and good behavior when out of refrigeration makes it extremely versatile; it would be a good cheese for a rustic outdoor meal, but it could also hold its own on an elegant cheese plate.

Purchase Notes:  We were lucky to have this cheese sent to us directly from Coach Farm following our mishap with our first sample.  This cheese is available directly from Coach Farm online.  The whole, 6-ounce cheese serves 6-8.


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