Lingot du Quercy: Robust and Rustic Goat Cheese

December 7, 2010

Lingot du Quercy offers another trip to the wonderland of French goat cheese.  Lingot du Quercy is a robustly flavored cheese with a rich texture that we found addictive.

Lingot du Quercy is produced by a small group of farms near Quercy in southwestern France.  The cheese is hand-made with pasteurized goat’s milk.  Lingot du Quercy has a distinctive flat bar-shaped format that suggests a gold ingot.

Lingot du Quercy has a gentle golden cast on its rind and paste, but is otherwise creamy white.  Its damp rind is heavily wrinkled like a prune.  Beneath the rind, the interior paste becomes gooey and translucent.  At the center of the cheese, the paste is dense and cakey. Lingot du Quercy smells of animals, milk and grass.

This cheese has intense flavor.  Lingot du Quercy has the familiar tanginess of goat cheese and also an intense sour flavor.  Its flavors are rich and linger.  Its texture is also exceptional: the dense paste is thick like peanut butter, while the gooey paste has a consistency similar to a triple cream cheese.

Lingot du Quercy is an addictive cheese.  It packs robust flavor, a rich texture and visual appeal into one small package.  Lingot du Quercy would make a good cheese for a party or for sharing with friends; it does not degrade much out of refrigeration and looks intriguing on the plate.

Purchase Notes:  We purchased Lingot du Quercy at Cheese Plus (San Francisco).  We purchased half of a whole 6-ounce cheese and divided this into 4 servings; we ate all that we purchased during our tasting and would have eaten more cheese if I had purchased it.


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