Bodacious: A Bumpy Tasting

December 8, 2010

We were all set to fall in love with Bodacious, especially after our recent experience with Bohemian Creamery’s Bo Peep.  Alas, our experience with Bodacious was not as smooth, and I suspect that we took home a cheese that was past its prime.  This is frustrating, because I sampled a healthy cheese at the cheese shop.

Bodacious is a fresh goat’s milk cheese produced by Bohemian Creamery in Sonoma County, California.  The cheese is produced in a wide flattened dome that suggests a miniature white volcano.

Bodacious looks like the top of a lemon meringue pie.  Its surface shows smooth white ridges and valleys, with light tan highlights.  The cheese’s interior paste is snowy white and fluffy.  The rind is velvety soft to the touch.  The underside of the cheese feels soft and wet.

Bodacious’s rind has a perfume like cooked cabbage, but the interior paste smells grassy and buttery.  The interior paste has a soft and airy texture like ricotta.

Bodacious’s flavor is sour and tangy.  The cheese is not tart like a classic chevre, but tastes more like a hyper-tangy plain yogurt.  Unfortunately, our cheese sample had an underlying bitterness reminiscent of green leafy vegetables; this bitter flavor lingered long in the mouth.  The rind’s flavor amplified the bitterness of the cheese.

So what happened? The Bodacious I tasted at the cheese counter was sharply tangy whereas the sample we took home was bitter and difficult to eat.  I do not think the sample we took home was representative of Bodacious’ optimal flavor, yet it is the sample we evaluated.  We look forward to a better purchasing experience next time.

Purchase Notes:  We purchased Bodacious at Cheese Plus (San Francisco).  We purchased half of a whole cheese; it weighed approximately 4 oz.


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