Party Cheese: Great Choices from the USA

December 14, 2010

It’s December and with holiday parties in full swing, many folks are assembling cheese plate indulgences to entertain their guests.  We are no exception.

Many people cannot justify the expense of  “fancy cheese” unless there is a special occasion or party.  Unfortunately, the go-to party cheese is often brie, but unless one gets a good brie (see Brie le Chatelain), most versions available in the US are weak copies of the classic.  These cheeses can also be messy and prone to collapse.

Not sure what to buy?  Get an artisanal cheese made in the US.

This past weekend, we  had a party to celebrate my son becoming a bar mitzvah.  My 13-year-old gave me a list of his favorite cheeses:

  • Mt. Tam by Cowgirl Creamery (California)
  • Red Hawk by Cowgirl Creamery (California)
  • Humboldt Fog by Cypress Grove (California)
  • Grayson by Meadow Creek Dairy (Virginia)
  • Wabash Cannonball by Capriole Farmstead Goat Cheese (Indiana)

These cheeses are all soft, creamy, and easy spreaders.  My son  loves chevre and triple cream cheeses, so his selections reflect these passions.  His list does not offer a lot of variation in texture or style, but these 5 cheeses are all delicious, easy to eat and certain to please a crowd.  Any one of these cheeses is likely to be a big hit at a party.

Availability may be the biggest hurdle to sharing these cheeses with family and friends.  Unfortunately for us, Wabash Cannonball was not available so we missed sharing it this time.


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