Hudson Valley Camembert: A Buttery Smooth Cheese

December 20, 2010

Hudson Valley Camembert is a cheese that is easy to skip over: it is diminutive and lacks visual intrigue.  Had I not tasted this cheese at the cheese counter, I probably would have ignored it.  Yet, this mild-mannered cheese is an easy crowd-pleaser that offers good buttery flavor and texture.

Hudson Valley Camembert is produced by Old Chatham Sheepherding Co. of New York.  It is a bloomy rind camembert-style cheese made from a combination of sheep and cow’s milk.  Old Chatham produces its camembert in both round and square formats; our sample is from a square cheese.


Hudson Valley Camembert cuts a low-profile on the plate.  The cheese’s unimposing format is very low and flat.  Its snowy white rind is gently pressed with vertical lines.  To the touch, the rind is velvety and damp.

Its interior paste is butter yellow and soft.  The paste feels smooth and greasy, similar to butter.

The rind has faint aromas of mushrooms and crayons.  The interior paste smells like crackers or baked bread.

Hudson Valley Camembert’s flavor is sweet and buttery, with a slight tangy kick that reaches the nose.  The rind adds a light mushroom flavor to the cheese.   Hudson Valley Camembert has a smooth texture that feels like butter.

Hudson Valley Camembert is a mild and pleasant cheese, with a modest kick.  This cheese is easy to eat and likely to be a crowd pleaser.  Its small format makes it a good candidate for outdoor eating; the whole cheese is compact and portable.   Although we all liked this cheese, it did not knock our socks off.

Purchase Notes:  We purchased Hudson Valley Camembert at The Cheese Board (Berkeley, CA).  We purchased half of a whole cheese, but should have purchase the whole thing.  Our sample was just 2 0z., which we cut into 4 mini servings.


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