Cheese Chatter is a chronicle of our family’s cheese tasting project.  We live in San Francisco and have access to a wide selection of cheese from both specialty shops and grocery stores.  We aren’t particular about where we buy cheese, but for this project, we’re likely to seek out the variety available and guidance from a specialty cheese shop.

Why cheese?  Frankly, it’s something we will all eat without complaint.  Cheese is also something we eat frequently.  We often have a summer dinner of several cheeses, a baguette, fruit, salami and a salad.  When we travel, we like to try local cheeses.  My kids have a favorite cheese (Cowgirl Creamery’s Mt. Tam) that they request for birthday meals.  I introduced my kids to outdoor summer theater with a picnic of bread, cheese and fruit and now, that menu and outdoor theater are inseparable.  Cheese is one food that offers us a shared learning experience and a chance to try something new.

Who are we?  There are  4 participants in this project: me, my husband and my two sons.  None of us has a lengthy cheese resume.  I lived in Paris briefly, many years ago, and loved shopping for cheese.  Each week’s shopping was an adventure, although in all honesty, since I hadn’t ever seen many of the cheeses on offer, I didn’t have to hunt too hard for an interesting selection.  I am Cheese Chatter’s writer and project leader.

My two sons, Jacob and Ben, are selecting and tasting the cheese.  They are adolescents, separated by 2 years, and have requested that I not embarrass them by sharing details about their lives.  The only information I am allowed to divulge is that they love Cowgirl Creamery’s Mt. Tam triple cream cheese.

My husband, Matt, is a taster, Cheese Chatter’s photographer and uber-critic.  He is a big fan of what he calls “contraband” cheese–the unpasteurized stuff he whispers for at counters.