Edwin’s Munster is a cheese for those who like their cheeses robust and pungent.  I loved this cheese and once again, regretted purchasing only half of a whole cheese.  Edwin’s Munster is a memorable cheese and one I would enjoy sharing with family and friends.

Edwin’s Munster is a soft cow’s milk cheese with a washed rind.  Most people associate Munster with the Alsace region of France, but this version is produced in Austria by Edwin Berchtold.  Edwin’s Munster is produced in a flat cylindrical format; a whole cheese is a bit larger than a standard camembert (our photo shows half of a whole cheese).

edwins-munster-cheese-december-2010-by-cheesechatterEdwin’s Munster has a thin pale apricot rind.  The rind has light scoring across its surface and some white surface molds.  The interior paste is light golden yellow, with small compressed holes.

When first unwrapped, Edwin’s Munster has a cooked cauliflower scent.  However, its aroma opens up out of refrigeration and changes into old sour milk then foot odor.  When held under the nose, the rind has a mild ammonia odor.

To the touch, Edwin’s Munster is springy and sticky.

Edwin’s Munster has a robust flavor that is smoky and sour.  The sourness dominates and is similar to a grapefruit.  A salty sourness remains in the mouth long after eating.  Edwin’s Munster has rich mouth feel, with a thick and pasty texture.  One of our juvenile tasters aptly described its flavor as “smoky Taleggio.”

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