Fromage d'Affinois

Fromage d’Affinois  is a double cream cheese from France of pasteurized cow’s milk.  The interior of the cheese is creamy white and soft to runny.  Its rind is raked white with a yellowish cast.

Fromage d’Affinois has a creamy, moist interior and smooth texture.  It is easy to spread, rind included.  Jacob likened its texture to American cream cheese.  It reminded me of French brie.

Fromage d’Affinois’s flavor is more delicate than French brie.  Both Ben and Jacob said that this cheese had an initial sour taste, but ended sweetly.  The rind adds a slight sourness to the cheese but it lacks the nasally bite of French brie’s distinctive rind.

We all liked this cheese and both boys would be happy to see this on our plates again. One side note: our sample began to loose shape during our meal, so this is not a good cheese to leave out of refrigeration for more than 45-60 minutes (photo shown was taken at 30 minutes out of refrigerator on a cool day).

Fromage d’Affinois is a nice cheese and would be great at the end of a meal.  It is a quiet cheese–unassuming and easy to enjoy.  Given its runny nature when at room temperature too long, this is not a picnic cheese and may look sloppy on a party plate.